Energy conversion

PEM fuel cell

Subject 01

Design of Pt-based multi-metallic alloy catalysts for oxygen reduction reaction

PEM/AEM water electrolyzer

Subject 01

Nanofibrous Ru₂P electrocatalysts for high-performance anion exchange membrane water electrolyzer

Water splitting catalysts (HER, OER)

Subject 01

Designing novel catalytic materials for water electrolysis and investigation of their operating mechanism

Subject 02

Building on 3D nano-architectures through morphology and composition engineering for enhancing electrocatalytic performances

Subject 03

Developing the synthesizing strategies to reduce the use of precious metals for electrocatalysts

Electrocatalysts for water treatment

Subject 01

Superior anodic oxidation in tailored Sb-doped SnO₂/RuO₂ composite nanofibers for electrochemical water treatment