About lab

  • Welcome to Energy Materials Lab

  • The Energy Materials Laboratory (EML) is at the forefront of research into energy storage & conversion materials and functional/nano materials and is located at New Engineering Building, Korea University.

    Especially, the main focus of our mission is to study (1) various engineering materials for advanced next-generation rechargeable batteries that can solve important technical issues in non-aqueous/aqueous ion, Li-S, metal-air, and all-solid-state batteries, (2) energy conversion materials for fuel cell, water splitting, and water treatment, and (3) development of functional/nano materials including adsorbent, functional binder, and toxicologic materials.

    In addition, EML is always open to any research collaborations from academia and industry and students/researchers with a passion for research in energy material development and related applications.

  • Professor, Dong-Wan Kim