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  • 2023

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    315. Simultaneous Manipulation of Electron/Zn2+ Ion Flux and Desolvation Effect Enabled by In-Situ Built Ultra-Thin Oxide-Based Artificial Interphase for Controlled Deposition of Zinc Metal Anodes

    저자 : C. Choi, J. B. Park, J. H. Park, S. Yu, and D. W. Kim

    저널명 : Chemical Engineering Journal , Vol. 456, 141015 (2023)

    출판일 : 2023.3.15

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    314. Polymer Electrolyte/Sulfur Double-Shelled Anisotropic Reduced Graphene Oxide Lamellar Scaffold Enables Stable and High-Loading Cathode for Quasi-Solid-State Lithium Sulfur Batteries

    저자 : H. J. Shin, S. W. Park, S. Park, and D. W. Kim

    저널명 : Advanced Science, Vol. xx, xx (2023)

    출판일 : 2023.2.15

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    313. Synergistic Coupling of a Self-Defense Redox Mediator and Anti-Superoxide Disproportionator in Lithium-Oxygen Batteries for High Stability

    저자 : G. H. Lee, M. C. Sung, and D. W. Kim

    저널명 : Chemical Engineering Journal, Vol. 453, 139878 (2023)

    출판일 : 2023.2.1

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    312. Uptake and Toxicity of Cerium Dioxide Nanoparticles with Different Aspect Ratio

    저자 : M. S. Kang, G. H. Lee, I. H. Kwon, M. J. Yang, M. B. Heo, J. W. Choi, T. G. Lee, C. H. Yoon, B. Baek, M. C. Sung, D. W. Kim, and E. J. Park

    저널명 : Toxicology Letters, Vol. 373, 196-209 (2023)

    출판일 : 2023.1.15